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New Books Coming!


BleachVol1EQ_coverHey guys…Ms. Preble went shopping Saturday! Lots of great new titles for the Monarch Library…requests by Jose, our most frequent reader, were picked up, as well as some Bleach and Naruto for the Manga fans. Also got some new bios (Adele) and a couple of cool non-fiction titles. Ms. Preble also picked up copies of things in series (Crescendo in the Hush, Hush series, Marked, and Cinder) as well as some Sistah Souljah by request!  Come by next week and check out some of the new books!




Banned Book Week



I’ve been sitting around on the library counter watching people come in all week and ask about banned books. Nobody knows what they are! I just happen to know. A banned book is one that someone, somewhere declared ‘offensive’ or ‘wrong’.  Books aren’t banned here in the Monarch Library, of course… read whatever’s here!  But some people in other libraries have banned Harry Potter books, Huckleberry Finn…even the dictionary! Yeah, I know! (The dictionary was banned because it contains bad words and sexual terms.Seriously.)

You can come in to the library and see some of the books that have been banned, or check on campus for posters that have been put up to describe banned books. If you find one, come to the library and tell Ms. P what poster you saw and why that book was banned, and you’ll get an entry for a drawing for your own copy of a great book!  The contest goes on through next week, so start looking for those posters!

Monte Vista Monarch Library Welcomes You!


Edgar Allen Crow, official mascot of the Monarch Library.

So…this is a blog about the Monte Vista High School Monarch Library. I’m the new teacher librarian, Laura Preble.

Instead of writing a normal blog about normal library stuff, I am going to instead allow my alter ego, Edgar Allen Crow, to blog all about what he sees every day at the counter. He sees everybody — the teachers, the students, even that girl who tried to steal the biology textbook! Yeah, he saw you!

Enjoy Edgar’s pithy observations.