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Zombies Overtaking the Library!


Ms. Preble and her prom date, Enoch.

Zombies are taking over the library for Halloween! And I can’t wait to get out of this lion suit. Glad I don’t have real fur.

Ms. Preble is Zombie Prom Queen, so come on by and check out her costume. Also, free pencils! AND we have some great scary Halloween books…vampires, werewolves, zombies, all the great creepy crawlies!


Halloween Spooktacular!


My friend looks a little pale…

Hey! It’s Halloween time, kids, and that means costumes! Check out my super sporty Monarch lion get-up, complete with majestic mane! It’s kind of hot, though. (And I heard that Kei Jonte is going to dress up as Kanye West…but he might surprise us all and decide to go with a lion costume just to copy me!)

Next week, on October 18, the library will be closed for the extended lunch so that we can bring you a vintage TALES FROM THE CRYPT episode, screened in the Haunted Community Room! Tickets are available from participating English teachers, or you could probably bribe me into giving you a ticket if you’re super nice and tell Ms. Preble about your favorite Edgar Allen Poe story or poem. I wanted to give a shout out to Jesse and Zack from Ms. Zauderer’s class…I hear they’re coming over for a VIP screening! And Mrs. Engstrand’s class…thanks for commenting! I love to hear back from you! It makes me feel SO ALIVE! (Anyone can leave a comment…suggest something fun for me to talk about, or a book you like, or just talk about me. I always like that.)

Boooooooo-ks can also be scary. Check out the library’s cool decorations and a display of frightening books ready to keep you up all night looking for zombies and werewolves and vampires.

Zombies are your friends!


My friend, the zombie. I think he could be in the movies.

Hey!  Me again, Edgar Allen Crow.

You might notice that I’m posing here with my buddy, the zombie. He’s  a great friend, I have to admit; he doesn’t talk a lot, but he is a great listener.    Sure, he’s always trying to find brains to eat, but you know, being undead is hard work. Nobody wants to give him a job…I suggested he try Hollywood, or politics, but he wants to pursue his dream of being a chef in a fancy restaurant. I didn’t want to dash his dreams, but I can’t see him cooking a nice stew and accidentally dropping a finger in it…I mean, would people ask for their money back? Or would everyone request zombie finger stew?

Well, it’s Halloween time again…October! My favorite month! You probably know there’s a famous writer named after me, that Edgar Allen Poe guy. He was the master of horror fiction. This month, the library is going to have some KILLER horror and science fiction books guaranteed to scare the brains out of you! I won’t tell my buddy…I don’t want him following you around thinking you’re lunch!  BOO!

Reader’s Society Looking for New Members


Hey! The library is looking for a few (or many) good people who love to read! The Reader’s Society, the MVHS club for those who just love books of all kinds, is reforming, and we want you to be part of it. Meetings will be in the library at student lunch on Thursdays. See Ms. Preble for details! Or just show up and be part of what happens in the Monarch Library.

Also…I want some students to write book reviews for my blog. I know a lot of you LOVE some of your books…so if you’d like to submit a review, send it to Ms. Preble at laurapreble at guhsd (dot) net. Keep the length to 150-300 words, and you never know…your review might be featured right here next to my picture (and how cool would that be?)

Got your costume for Halloween yet? I’m still wondering what to be…maybe Godzilla? I’m a little short, though. I might go as Mr. Copeland…but again, I’m too short. Maybe a guinea pig? I’ll keep you posted. GO MONARCHS!