Zombies are your friends!


My friend, the zombie. I think he could be in the movies.

Hey!  Me again, Edgar Allen Crow.

You might notice that I’m posing here with my buddy, the zombie. He’s  a great friend, I have to admit; he doesn’t talk a lot, but he is a great listener.    Sure, he’s always trying to find brains to eat, but you know, being undead is hard work. Nobody wants to give him a job…I suggested he try Hollywood, or politics, but he wants to pursue his dream of being a chef in a fancy restaurant. I didn’t want to dash his dreams, but I can’t see him cooking a nice stew and accidentally dropping a finger in it…I mean, would people ask for their money back? Or would everyone request zombie finger stew?

Well, it’s Halloween time again…October! My favorite month! You probably know there’s a famous writer named after me, that Edgar Allen Poe guy. He was the master of horror fiction. This month, the library is going to have some KILLER horror and science fiction books guaranteed to scare the brains out of you! I won’t tell my buddy…I don’t want him following you around thinking you’re lunch!  BOO!


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  1. Edgar Allen Poe is a very good writer. You should check out Stephen King, he’s a really good horror fiction author as as well. In fact he is my favorite author, if you want to read something creepy. Have a great Halloween Mr. Crow!

  2. Although your friend wishes to be a cook, I believe he should star in my major apocalypse movie that is currently in production, we could use more undead and he could fit the role perfectly! Also, every heard of Alfred Hitchcock? Greatest horror author of all time, in my opinion of course.

  3. Edgar Allen Poe is a really great author. Have you ever read any books from Stephen King? He’s my favorite author. I would recommend reading the shining, it, and under the dome. They are very great books!

  4. i really love the zombie dude. He seems a bit hungry dont you think? i also love Halloween, hope to see you in a cool costume.

  5. Wow! Edgar Allen Crow Telling me about Edgar Allen Poe. Thanks for the info about how his books are about horror, now I’ll read them with caution ! and that Zombie is Scary !

  6. Nice! Edgar Allen crow is a great mascot and i love how zombie man is getting are hopes up for halloween. Thanks for introducing him and please give more information about halloween and introduce more of your friends.

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