Halloween Spooktacular!


My friend looks a little pale…

Hey! It’s Halloween time, kids, and that means costumes! Check out my super sporty Monarch lion get-up, complete with majestic mane! It’s kind of hot, though. (And I heard that Kei Jonte is going to dress up as Kanye West…but he might surprise us all and decide to go with a lion costume just to copy me!)

Next week, on October 18, the library will be closed for the extended lunch so that we can bring you a vintage TALES FROM THE CRYPT episode, screened in the Haunted Community Room! Tickets are available from participating English teachers, or you could probably bribe me into giving you a ticket if you’re super nice and tell Ms. Preble about your favorite Edgar Allen Poe story or poem. I wanted to give a shout out to Jesse and Zack from Ms. Zauderer’s class…I hear they’re coming over for a VIP screening! And Mrs. Engstrand’s class…thanks for commenting! I love to hear back from you! It makes me feel SO ALIVE! (Anyone can leave a comment…suggest something fun for me to talk about, or a book you like, or just talk about me. I always like that.)

Boooooooo-ks can also be scary. Check out the library’s cool decorations and a display of frightening books ready to keep you up all night looking for zombies and werewolves and vampires.


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