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Thanks for Books!


eacrow autumnHey! It’s finally NOVEMBER, and that means a couple of things in the library. First, I got to take off that really hot lion costume! And second, I get to put on my awesome day-glo orange mohawk! Come by and check it out in person!

Other than that, November is NATIONAL NOVEL WRITING MONTH. Would you like to get a copy of your own book published for FREE? Then check out Nanowrimo. Here’s the link: NANOWRIMO YOUNG WRITERS PROGRAM. TALK TO MS. PREBLE FOR MORE INFORMATION!

November is also the BOOK SWAP AND SALE!  You can buy books for your very own personal collection for super cheap! If you bring  a book to donate, you get a ticket  for a free book!  More on that later…but look for books you can donate!