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Zombies Coming!



It’s Spring, and that means zombies! Well, not usually. But this year, author Jonathan Maberry is coming to visit the MV Library, and zombies are busting out all over!

Mr. Maberry will visit on April 1 (and that’s not a joke!) and 50 lucky students will get to meet him and talk to him about the world of his series, ROT & RUIN. To celebrate his visit, the library is sponsoring an ADOPT A ZOMBIE contest! Come in, pick out your very own cuddly zombie, and write a short description of how that person came to be zombified, and you could win a free copy of ROT & RUIN!




Happy Valentines day Book HD wallpapers (3)It is with great sadness that the library says goodbye to one of its most frequent readers, Sammy Garcia. Sammy visited every single day, usually four times a day. He loved books. He loved to play with all the toys and whenever he was here, you knew it, because the gopher danced, the crow squawked and the tribble chirped. He had a smile that would light up any room. He read everything, from manga to novels to non fiction, and he was curious about the world. He had a wicked, fantastic sense of humor, and was a huge part of the Readers Society. The library truly won’t be the same without him.

The Readers Society is creating a book in honor of Sammy. If you’d like to contribute a page (a poem, a letter, a drawing, a piece of writing), please talk to Ms. Preble in the library.