Spring Cleaning and STUFFED ANIMALS!


You might notice things being changed around in my library…new genre sections in fiction…nonfiction books being discarded (check out this gem we found in the stacks…would you like to learn a new hobby like Amateur Taxidermy? I didn’t think so. Oh, taxidermy is when you take a dead animal and preserve it, so it’s kind of a creepy hobby.) Anyway, spring means cleaning up and returning all those books that are lying under your bed collecting dust bunnies (but you cannot practice taxidermy on the Photo on 2015-05-05 at 14.11dust bunnies. Don’t even try.) What you SHOULD do is bring back all your library materials by JUNE 9.

SENIORS: PLEASE pay your library fines!! Don’t wait until graduation day to find out you can’t pick up a diploma because of a little late fee! You can pay your library fines in the library or at the finance office. Don’t delay! And, as always, enjoy your last few weeks of school. We’ll have more information soon on some great summer programs in the area that you can participate in, so keep checking the blog!


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