Welcome back, Monarchs!


Hey! It’s me, Edgar Allen Crow! Welcome back to a brand new school year, Monarchs!

The librmohawkcrowary is looking for a few adventurous souls to be part of the Reader’s Society, the library’s student club. If you’re interested, ask Ms. Preble, my able assistant. (She likes to think she’s in charge, but we all know who really runs stuff around here!)

What is The Reader’s Society? A student club that will meet weekly at lunch (day to be decided by the group) to talk about books, choose books for the library, work on author visits and events, and pretty much anything else you can think of that would be fun and interesting. A steampunk treasure hunt? Sure! A read-a-thon fundraiser? Okay! Costume day? I have several to pick from!

Ms. Preble is also looking for student reviewers who’d like to write short reviews of books and have them published on the Monte Vista library website. Would you like to have your work read by thousands of people (okay, maybe only hundreds…but still…it’s a publishing credit!)


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