New Section…Should We Add More?


??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????So, the new sections are finally finished! If you look at the back wall of the fiction section, you’ll see all those beautifully colored dots on the books chosen for our sections. We have FANTASY (dark green dot), SCIENCE FICTION (alien green dot), SUUPERNATURAL (blue dot), REALISTIC FICTION (yellow dot), and ROMANCE (pink dot).

We could add a couple more sections…but we want to know what YOU, the readers, want! Please click the link below to vote on what section we should make next!


New Year, New Looks!


colored-dots-14538135You may have noticed that the fiction section looks a little…uh…disheveled? Dis-shelved?? Yeah. We’ve been reorganizing. It’s a new year, so it’s time for a new look. But I think you’ll like it!

Check the back wall of the library. You’ll notice that We now have some of the best, most popular fiction shelved by genre…that means subcategory. You’ll find all the best hand-picked fiction in the Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror, Supernatural, Realistic Fiction, and Romance categories, all displayed temptingly together. How can you choose just five? It’s going to be hard! Here’s a handy color-coded guide until we get the signs:

DARK GREEN = Fantasy    LIGHT GREEN = Science Fiction   RED = Horror   BLUE= Supernatural

YELLOW = Realistic Fiction      PINK = Romance

Come browse…you might discover a new favorite author!



Photo on 2014-11-03 at 10.35Hey…do you feel it? A chill in the air? It’s almost time for hot chocolate, a fireplace, and a good book. That’s why we’re bringing back the ever-popular BOOK SWAP AND SALE to the Monarch Library.  If you have old books sitting around your house and you’d like to trade them for new, used books, bring them in any time and get a swap ticket. Then during the sale, you can trade your ticket for a new (to you) book!  Date to be announced later…but you can bring your books to trade in anytime. (Make sure you ask first if the books belong to someone else, though. We don’t want any angry readers storming the castle.)

What’s Your Opinion?


! teen-paranormal-romanceHey guys…Edgar here…we’re thinking of making some changes here in the library, and we want to know what you think. Should we separate all the fiction into genres? (That means we put all the Sci Fi books together, all the Supernatural books together, all the Sports books together, all the Romances together, etc.)   It’s a big move, but we want to know what you think. Would you like the fiction section better if it had sections like they do in the bookstore?  Let us know!  Just come to the library and talk to Ms. Preble…she’ll write down your vote and keep track of what everybody says. More later