Photo on 2013-12-13 at 08.41Everybody’s ready for a good long holiday, right? I know I am!! The library has been so busy…new book arrivals (Abbi Glines’ novels, Miss Peregrine graphic novels, and some fantastic new stuff in nonfiction, including HIDDEN FIGURES, a real story about African-American women who worked for NASA in the ’50s, in secret.

Make sure you stock up on reading material for the holiday break. You don’t want to be bored! What do I want for Christmas? Hmmm….I guess, probably, books! How about you? Yoda likes them too!!

Reader’s Society Welcomes YOU!


readerssocietyFridays at second lunch, Monte Vista’s Reader’s Society meets in the community room near the library. How do you become part of the Reader’s Society? Just like books, like the library, and be ready to put together some fun activities to raise money for the library and to reach out to fellow students. You can also get the COOLEST club tshirt on campus! Don’t believe me? Check the photo! FRIDAYS, second lunch!! readers-society-1

Welcome back!


Here it is, 2016-17! And this year, we have so many new things in store. The Library is going to be Chromebook central, so everyone will be coming through and getting a machine during the second week of school. I, Edgar, will of course be there to greet you! We also have a ton of new books, and hope that you start checking them out as soon as possible.

Also, don’t forget to check out the MVH Reader’s Society (aka, the club with the coolest shirts on campus!)  You, too, can be part of the madness. Meetings days will be posted soon.

Edgar has been slacking!


EACSorry — I just looked in on my blog and realized I haven’t written anything since September!! Obviously, I’ve been busy.

New year, new start. I am going to resolve to add more to the blog more often. Guess what? We’re looking for student book reviewers for the library! All you have to do is read a book and write or talk about it. Then we post it here, on the blog, and on the library website. Doesn’t that sound fun? And you can say you were a book reviewer and that your boss was a bird!! See Ms. Preble if you’re interested.

Welcome back, Monarchs!


Hey! It’s me, Edgar Allen Crow! Welcome back to a brand new school year, Monarchs!

The librmohawkcrowary is looking for a few adventurous souls to be part of the Reader’s Society, the library’s student club. If you’re interested, ask Ms. Preble, my able assistant. (She likes to think she’s in charge, but we all know who really runs stuff around here!)

What is The Reader’s Society? A student club that will meet weekly at lunch (day to be decided by the group) to talk about books, choose books for the library, work on author visits and events, and pretty much anything else you can think of that would be fun and interesting. A steampunk treasure hunt? Sure! A read-a-thon fundraiser? Okay! Costume day? I have several to pick from!

Ms. Preble is also looking for student reviewers who’d like to write short reviews of books and have them published on the Monte Vista library website. Would you like to have your work read by thousands of people (okay, maybe only hundreds…but still…it’s a publishing credit!)

Spring Cleaning and STUFFED ANIMALS!


You might notice things being changed around in my library…new genre sections in fiction…nonfiction books being discarded (check out this gem we found in the stacks…would you like to learn a new hobby like Amateur Taxidermy? I didn’t think so. Oh, taxidermy is when you take a dead animal and preserve it, so it’s kind of a creepy hobby.) Anyway, spring means cleaning up and returning all those books that are lying under your bed collecting dust bunnies (but you cannot practice taxidermy on the Photo on 2015-05-05 at 14.11dust bunnies. Don’t even try.) What you SHOULD do is bring back all your library materials by JUNE 9.

SENIORS: PLEASE pay your library fines!! Don’t wait until graduation day to find out you can’t pick up a diploma because of a little late fee! You can pay your library fines in the library or at the finance office. Don’t delay! And, as always, enjoy your last few weeks of school. We’ll have more information soon on some great summer programs in the area that you can participate in, so keep checking the blog!

New Section…Should We Add More?


??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????So, the new sections are finally finished! If you look at the back wall of the fiction section, you’ll see all those beautifully colored dots on the books chosen for our sections. We have FANTASY (dark green dot), SCIENCE FICTION (alien green dot), SUUPERNATURAL (blue dot), REALISTIC FICTION (yellow dot), and ROMANCE (pink dot).

We could add a couple more sections…but we want to know what YOU, the readers, want! Please click the link below to vote on what section we should make next!


New Year, New Looks!


colored-dots-14538135You may have noticed that the fiction section looks a little…uh…disheveled? Dis-shelved?? Yeah. We’ve been reorganizing. It’s a new year, so it’s time for a new look. But I think you’ll like it!

Check the back wall of the library. You’ll notice that We now have some of the best, most popular fiction shelved by genre…that means subcategory. You’ll find all the best hand-picked fiction in the Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror, Supernatural, Realistic Fiction, and Romance categories, all displayed temptingly together. How can you choose just five? It’s going to be hard! Here’s a handy color-coded guide until we get the signs:

DARK GREEN = Fantasy    LIGHT GREEN = Science Fiction   RED = Horror   BLUE= Supernatural

YELLOW = Realistic Fiction      PINK = Romance

Come browse…you might discover a new favorite author!